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About Us

Gourmet Girls was founded by Giulia. Inspired by her Sicilian heritage, summer holidays spent on the east coast of Sicily and travels around Italy, Giulia launched Gourmet Girls in 2018 after leaving the London rat race to follow her passion. She gets very upset when people say they don't go out to eat Italian as they can cook it themselves at home. Her mission is to introduce her customers to lesser-known regional Italian dishes - from Sicilian tavola calda, to Roman street food and venetian cicchetti.


As you would find in any Italian kitchen, we use simple, local and seasonal ingredients to create unforgettable dishes. The Gourmet Girls experience is as much about the event as the delicious food, bringing people together for an evening of food, fun and laughter. 

Give us a call for an initial chat or get in touch via email to find out more about what we can offer.


Giulia originally trained and worked as an environmental consultant for many years, therefore sustainability is at the heart of our food and our business. Sustainability can be a wishy washy term. For us it means minimising waste, using lesser known produce and showcasing every part of the ingredient wherever we can. In planning our menus, we focus on local, seasonal produce and the balance of ingredients on the plate, right down to its carbon footprint - if your body can’t digest more than 70g of red meat in one sitting, then there is no point in putting any more than that on a plate!

“The entire meal was well thought out and well put together. It was delicious and I am so impressed with the skill and love put into the food this evening.”



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